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What is Posture Corrector?

We spent most of the time sitting during the whole day and if we don't sit properly it can lead to a serious health issue in the near feature.  The posture corrector is a fun habit changing app which notifies you when you are not sitting properly. Most of us know how to sit properly (check the below video) and try to do so but after sitting a while we move back to a curvy position, this app will notify you right there when you move a bad position so that you can correct your posture.

How to Sit Properly?

This is Dr. Alan Hedge from Cornell University he is an Ergonomics professor (Ergonomics: relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment). more about him This video is from Tech Insider Youtube channel

How to use Posture Corrector?

image describing cellphone in pocket image describing cell phone in mobile pouch
  1. Sit properly and relax as shown in the above video
  2. Press the Start Button and put your phone in your chest pocket, phone pouch or in Bra strap, it will auto detect and lock your posture
  3. Done! continue your work. If you change your position significant enough it will notify you by vibration, beep and red status. Once you move back to the correct posture the notification will stop automatically
  4. Everyday try to beat the previous max score and share with your friends/co-workers to promote good sitting posture for a healthy life.

    Do not take this app as an alternative to Doctor or Medicine. If you are having any problem/pain, etc. seek professional help immediately

Use Earphone for better results

How the score is calculated

Once a good posture is locked, it will keep on increasing your current score depending on your posture. If a bad posture detected some points will be deducted from your current score. If you clean your browser cache the max score will be reset to zero


If you find Posture Corrector is too sensitive or very low to detect changes in posture, consider changing the sensitive level

Side effects of bad sitting posture

Posture Corrector is not able to detect posture

There are few reasons why Posture Corrector is not able to detect your posture

  1. iPhone users: Your have not given permission to your browser

    If you have chrome browser installed click here


    Enable Motion and Orientation access permission

    Posture Corrector iphone issue Enable Motion and Orientation access
  2. You are not using Posture corrector on a mobile device, browse from mobile devices. Type on URL bar
  3. Try using Chrome Browser click here
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This is a free habit changing app. There is no guarantee posture corrector do that. If you are having any problem/pain/etc. seek professional help immediately.

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